Lakeview Farm Meats Ltd in the News – For all the good reasons.

Recently we have had Julie McCullough out from the BBC to do an article on the tractability of beef from the butchers shop window, back to the meat plant (abattoir) and then right back to the farmer, following the horse beef scandal.

Julie was shown first hand our tractability processes, from the animal arriving right through to despatch.  This involved a unique identification number generated by Lakeview Farm Meats Ltd being attached to the animal which is printed on all the labels attached to the carcase as well as the animals unique identification number generated by DARD (this can be entered onto the aphis computer system where we can find out the movements that animal has made in its life).

Julie was also shown and talked to the Meat Inspector and Vet who continually check our food standards and tractability procedures.  They also check the animal for disease and welfare (all animals are checked before and after slaughter).

We believe Julie was surprised and happy with the level of care and the ease to which all the animals are easily traceable.  She was also shown the care to which we process the animals through our facility in terms of animal welfare, hygiene, and the high standards of animal dressing right through to the boning out and dispatch of the animals to the local butchers that make up our customer base.

To watch the article please follow the link below:

I would like to thank Julie and her cameraman  for there good work in producing such a good article.

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