Lakeview in the news – A recent article on our great success


THREE generations of experience blended with the latest technology is making Lakeview Farm Meats the processing plant of choice for top end butchers, restaurants and hotels.

The plant used by ever more buyers at prestigious events such as Allam’s Christmas Show andSaleto enhance the eating quality of beef during processing and dry maturing.

This facility unique inNorthern Irelandwas opened less than two years ago by the McAlister family and Tom Robinson to fill a gap in the market for a specialist processor handling ‘with care’ very high quality stock.

As director Tom Robinson explained gone are the days when local butchers had easy access to small abattoirs in virtually every town. Today the processing sector is dominated by huge plants handling high volumes of stock to supply supermarkets.

“These plants are not in the business of handling low volume work from individual butchers so when John McAlister and sons suggested we build a plant to serve this market it was a wonderful opportunity.

“From arrival stock are handled calmly so they remain relaxed thought to slaughter thus keeping pH levels in the meat low. Vital as high pH in the meat due to stress before slaughter totally ruins the eating experience even from a champion’s carcass.

“Naturally bled and dry matured through a series of chill and holding rooms carcasses can also be hip hung if the client wishes. On site we also have one of the best in the country when it comes to boning out carcasses, David Clyde.”

Conor and Michael McAlister are the third generation in the cattle business from farm to fork as both farmers and processors. Aside from being through and through ‘livestock men’ Conor has many years experience in the processing sector and Michael is a qualified accountant.

“We are also farmers buying in stores to finish and take to market through Lakeview Farm Meats, “Michael added. “Indeed the plant was built on our family farm overlooking Lough Neagh near Crumlin.”

Conor commenting that they offer a complete package of services to customers. “We can either procure beef cattle and lambs to suit their needs or process as specified stock they have bought themselves. Be it one carcass or ten each customer gets our individual attention.

“We know that nowadays no butcher or chef can afford to have anything but consistently good beef and lamb for their customers.

“As farmers we know how frustrating it is to produce top grade cattle only to see them handled, processed and paid for as mere run of the mill stock. At Lakeview Farm Meats we ensure top of the market beef cattle and lambs become high end meat with traditional taste that attracts a premium price and pleasing comments from consumers.”


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