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What We Provide

We process animals for our customers for a straight slaughter charge or we sell them on or off the bone as part of our beef & lamb wholesale business (Boxed beef). As part of our wholesale business the animals can be bought as:

Our Products


Tongue, ox tail, ox kidney, Thick and thin shirt.

Bone in Beef

T-bone, Sirloin shells, Rib on the bone, Tomahawk, shin on the bone, bone in plates and flanks.

Vl trim

95vl, 70vl, 85vl, Flanks, PAD.

Steak meat

Sirloin, Ribeye, Fillet, Chump.

Round cuts

Topside, Silverside, Knuckles.

Forequarter cuts

Chucks, LMC, Brisket, chuck tender.


bone in shoulders, middles, legs.