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Our Quality Process

Lakeview Farm Meats not only aims to achieve the highest possible standards in red meat production, but to improve upon them. We work with the Government, Department of Agriculture Meat Inspectors and Veterinary Officers to meet these objectives.

Our Process

We have a onsite technical team, which monitors and continually implements the highest product quality using HACCP principles in the areas of:


Full traceable from farm with Food chain certification for each animal. A animal are lairage with access to clean water and food when appropriate.


With a state of the art compact kill floor, leading to a carcase cooling hall pre chilling.


After pre-chilling, carcase chilling commences.


Carcase de-boning to specification, or boning into primal cuts and trims for wholesale.


Packaging for distribution. Vac pack, Boxes, Octibins.


Delivering with our own fleet of Meat railers, chilled fridges or using third party distribution channels groupage is available anywhere in uk or Europe.

Quality Guaranteed

The company policy is quality, rather than quantity orientated. We have higher level EFSIS and are a member of the Farm Quality Assurance Scheme. Lakeview Farm Meats is accredited to all European Standards, with attention to detail of upmost importance.